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I know how to lose weight

Here’s the thing: I know how to lose weight. I bet you do, too. We all know that restricting calories and working-out daily will make us lose weight. But is doing this actually HEALTHY??


My jam: Tough Tape 2. Yes, actual VHS.

I’ve done it many times before, and I agree: it works. 15 years ago, the first time I lost significant weight, I’d wake up early, do “The Firm: Tough Tape 2” VHS video (eventually I bought it on DVD lol), eat around 1200 calories/day by counting WW points (sometimes less), and yes: I lost a bunch of weight. I gained it back, but I knew what worked to get it off again, and every couple months or years, I repeated the cycle.

The endorphins I got from exercising were a positive, but the lingering unending hunger, moodiness, and exhaustion (often from waking up way-too-early early to do my workout) always caught up to me. Sometimes I almost even enjoyed the hungry feeling: it meant this was working! I’d be skinny in no time! Other times I’d try to make whatever I wanted to eat or drink fit (diet soda, sugar-free candy, Michelob Ultras — ewww!), knowing I’d still lose weight, because that’s what I thought was most important.

I’ve watched my friends take HCG and water pills and drink energy & weight-loss shakes, all to help us eat less & give us energy to move more… and I witnessed those all “working”, too.

Looking back I’m shocked, but none of these ever sounded warning bells because I sincerely thought we were doing what we were supposed to be doing: EVERY SINGLE DAY we hear that Americans need to be eating less and moving more so we can weigh less.

But the real problem is that we’re doing ALL of this without thinking about what our real goal should be: HEALTH.

If I had considered HEALTH in the equation, I would have heard the warning bells:
– Hunger is a sign your body doesn’t have enough fuel!
– Exhaustion means your body needs sleep!
– Moodiness isn’t normal or productive or positive!
– Processed “diet” foods are basically the devil!
– Eating like this is destroying your metabolism and every time you do this, it will be harder the next time; next time you’ll have to exercise even more and cut-out even more calories.

I would have realized this was not a sustainable or enjoyable or HEALTHY lifestyle. Starving myself and exhausting my body is NOT HEALTHY.

Duh, though, right? I just didn’t see it. And what’s even crazier is, even if I had read something like exactly what I’m writing right now, I would have ignored it and thought to myself “Skinny is important. I know how to be skinny.” and just gone back to those deeply ingrained weight loss rituals that EVERYBODY KNOWS.

Does everyone also know that “eating less and moving more” has a nearly 100% failure rate?

“Although weight loss can usually be achieved through dietary restriction and/or increased physical activity, the overwhelming majority of people regain the weight that they have lost over the long-term.” The Defence of Body Weight: A physiological basis for weight regain after weight loss, Sumithran & Proietto, 2013

It’s not because people are lazy or gluttons. If we are not controlling insulin levels it is nearly impossible keep calories low OR to lose weight. All this yoyo dieting is killing our metabolisms!

But guess what?? There are better ways!! 
And they don’t involve buying any supplements or drinking meal replacement shakes or doing tons of cardio or feeling hungry or hangry or starving yourself or cutting carbs for the rest of your life.

There are fat loss methods that have both goals AND processes that are HEALTHY.

Whole30 got me here, and led me to paleo– which I still love and credit for kickstarting this journey. But what I’m doing now is even more simple (kinda fun, really). The science behind it makes sense. And I am forever grateful for stumbling across Jason Seib and his AltShift diet. I know without a doubt I am on the path to HEALTH. I no longer stress about the scale because I’m losing inches and fat. I feel incredible. I’m wearing jeans I haven’t worn since before I had kids.

I’m 40 days into AltShift and the physical changes have been awesome, but the things this “diet” is doing for my brain outweigh (pardon the pun) everything else. I want to set a good example for my kids. I want to be someone who loves and appreciates her body as it is NOW. And thanks to this way of eating, I’m finally on the right track!

The best part is: it’s EASY and I could eat like this forever without any hesitation. I’m eating the right foods at the right times: whole, real foods that taste INCREDIBLE. And the fat is falling off of me. Do yourself a favor and start digging into the research now!

  • Learn more about AltShift here.
  • Listen to one of Jason’s best weight-loss rants here (start at 13:40 to get to the meat ;)).
  • Read Jason’s FREE ‘Fat Loss Directive’ e-book by signing up here.
  • Watch a periscope about AltShift and exercise here.
  • Look up AltShift on Facebook and join the group to hear all the amazing success stories and experience the community that grows every day.
  • Follow along with what I’m eating (spoiler: it’s often upwards of 2400 calories in a day!) @nutritialissa

These aren’t affiliate links and I’m getting NOTHING out of sharing this, other than maybe a little good karma for helping others who are lost in an “eat less, move more” world find hope (and fuel).

I wrote an email to Jason a couple weeks ago, sharing a pretty big (for me) NSV (non-scale victory). Thought I’d share it here as well:

This morning as I was getting dressed, I looked in the mirror and noticed my belly was visually smaller. Instead of feeling elated like I’ve always felt in the past whenever I lost significant weight, my heart sank and my mind went straight to my kids. It was oddly bittersweet and completely unexpected: For the first time EVER I was *honestly* grateful for the flabby tummy that having kids “gave” me, and I actually felt sadness about losing it.

The thought was fleeting, but before I let it slip away or let negativity bury it, I embraced it. I got chills, my eyes teared-up, and I was feeling all the feels… not just because of the revelation itself, but because I realized that my brain was finally allowing me to even think these types of thoughts!

I’ve seen the motivational memes telling moms that our tummies and stretch marks are our battle wounds, we are like tigers who earned their stripes, and how we should be grateful for our saggy boobs, yada yada yada. And I always appreciated the idea and thought “right on!”, but I moved on and never FELT them, not for me. My head/heart just weren’t there yet.

I am so happy and grateful to be on a healthy path, but I’m even more thrilled that I actually feel gratitude for my body… Not just as it is now, but as it was at its heaviest a year ago, and for the changes I’ve been working on within my head. Everything is still a work in progress, I’m certain those negative thoughts will continue to slip through, but I’m confidently heading in the right direction and couldn’t be happier about it.

Thank you for your periscopes, podcasts, blog posts, and for your ranting. 27 days of AltShift has brought significant physical changes, and it’s been awesome, but I’m overcome with gratitude for the mental changes I’m making: you’re asking tough questions, really making me think, and helping me get my head where it needs to be so I can truly be healthy.

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