AltShift Fat Loss progress

41 Days In: My AltShift Progress

I posted this on the AltShift facebook group, but thought I’d share here, too.

*Yes, I’m standing on an open toilet haha. The mirror in my bedroom is never in the exact same place or at the same angle, and I thought this would help with consistency. The seat itself is cheap and won’t hold me, plus, balancing on the rim helps me flex lol

AltShift Fat Loss progress

I started AltShift on January 31 and I’ve been blown-away by my results so far. I’m turning 36 in a couple weeks and coming from a year of W30/paleo that brought me a lot of positive changes, but this was preceded by nearly two decades of yoyo’ing with Weight Watchers and sometimes over-exercising. I stumbled on AltShift thanks to it being nominated in so many categories on the Paleo Mag “best of 2015” poll in January and had to learn more.

My food has been dialed-in from the start, I’m walking a ton, and I’m meditating almost every day (working on removing the word “almost”😉). I started JassaFit a few weeks ago, but haven’t passed beginner module 1 yet, so I know my results will be even better as I prioritize & focus on that.

The biggest changes have been in my head, thanks to all of the podcasts and periscopes. I emailed Jason a few weeks ago thanking him for asking tough questions and making me really think: one morning I was actually sad to see my belly go away: I felt GRATEFUL for the belly my kids “gave” me, which was a CRAZY new thought for me.

Here’s the even crazier part: I’ve “only” lost 7.4 lbs in the 41 days between those photos. Had I only been weighing myself, I might have thought it wasn’t working, even though I’m wearing pre-pregnancy jeans for the first time in 5 years. Total: 13″ gone in those 41 days, including 3″ from my belly button and an inch from each arm!

My energy is great, I NEVER feel deprived, and I would have no problem eating like this forever. But like I said — the biggest changes have been in my head, and for that, I’m the most grateful.

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