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I’ve imagined myself on podcasts before: It would be me and my friend and fellow Bravo-super-fan Eva discussing the latest Real Housewives or andy-cohenVanderpump Rules… maybe hoping to get one our questions re-asked by Andy Cohen on WWHL to a Bravolebrity or an exclusive interview with Kim Fields — telling US the real reasons she’s “done” with RHOA. Or me and my friend Beth talking about Big Brother — saying things like “OMG Brenchel had a baby!” and “how fab was Julie’s dress last night?!” -then- “I know, right!?”

Yea, no shame: I like reality TV.

There are already a couple geek-type podcasts, so that probably means that market is already over-saturated — even though I think there’s no such thing as too many salesforce nerds talking about their love of flows and process builders. I *am* the “Flow Master”, after all. But seriously, though — if you’re a salesforce admin and you haven’t discovered the magic in Flows yet, go do a trailhead now. Life. Changing. But I digress. And let’s be honest: I’m the only salesforce geek reading this blog.

Or maybe you’re thinking “duh — Lissa & Laura would have a podcast talking about essential oils and how they use them and how they still don’t use medicine and how EOs have totes changed their lives”. All truth, but nope — the FDA would shut that down. Fast.

Instead, I’m on a podcast talking to Jason Seib (who I recently referred to as “my new Oprah”, since she’s failed me lately (mentioned why at the end of the post here) and he’s brilliant and inspiring). And guess what I’m talking about? I’m talking about me, myself, and I. Oh, and about the life-changing AltShift diet and the huge impact it has had on my mind, body, AND soul.

Ever since I heard Carey Lohrenz speak at an essential oil conference last year (Sidenote: here’s a video of clips of her speaking at other events. Check it out!), I have been inspired to do something outside of my comfort zone every day… EVEN IF it means I could fail (that’s a big part of it!) — and the day I recorded the podcast with Jason was no exception. Actually, the day he CALLED me to ask me to do the podcast, I think I stopped breathing for a minute, trying to determine if it was something I could even consider doing.

Lissa - 9th Grade

[I’m on the right with my girl Lisa. I thought I was *huge*. Ugh.] This is me in grade 9, baby. This is me in grade 9.

Telling MY story — including being made fun of for my weight in 9th grade (looking back, I was tiny!!??), yo-yo’ing through Weight Watchers & starvation & over-exercising repeatedly beginning in college, and how when I was pregnant I could eat a half dozen Krispy Kremes like it was nothing, and how I was addicted to diet soda, and sharing how even though my mom had THE BEST INTENTIONS, she still projected a poor body image and hated her physical self so much that it (110% inadvertently) rubbed-off on me — this was all REALLY hard to even think about sharing with one person, let alone all of the AltShift podcast listeners… and being someone who listens religiously (sometimes repeatedly) to every one of Jason’s podcasts, this was a big deal to me.

Plus, it’s a recording. On the internet. Like – out there forever. Someday my great grandkids could dig it up and listen just like I did when I found this transcript of a recording of my great-grandfather’s account of his move from Norway to the US back in the day. Basically, that’s kind of a big deal. Except his journey was way more monumental than mine, obviously… but still, right?!

I stepped out of my comfort zone and put myself out there. Partly because it was taking a risk and sometimes that’s fun. Partly because I feel forever indebted to Jason Seib for the changes he’s helped me make emotionally and I want to help evangelize this movement he’s created. But mostly because I really truly hope that my story can help inspire other women. I want everyone to love themselves first. To focus on “health” over wanting a hot bod.

I hope that moms learn that expressing how much they hate their body – or continuously obsessing about food – or exercising constantly – or starving themselves – or avoiding being in front of the camera / talking about how awful they look in photos (EVEN OLD PHOTOS!) – or drinking shakes instead of eating real food – is NOT projecting a healthy lifestyle and it could very well be setting your kids to have a poor body image as well… Not just your kids, but the way you’re treating yourself is showing everyone else how you think you deserve to be treated. LOVE YOURSELF. STOP the self hate. Speak kind words TO YOURSELF.

And this it the important part: EVEN IF you’re telling your kids every minute of every day that they’re perfect and they’re beautiful, if you don’t love yourself AS YOU ARE RIGHT THIS MINUTE, you’re telling them that you’re not good enough, and therefore THEY’RE not good enough.

And so, I did it.

I didn’t even remember the conversation until it aired. I was so nervous to hear it. But in the end, I think I did well and I’m proud of myself for having the courage to share. I got to talk a bit about my mental progress and the journey to love myself, which is really what matters the most to me.

I wish I could change a couple of the things I said — for example, when I said that people suggest oils for eczema (instead of pointing to diet and eczema starting in the gut), that they’re just “trying to sell you oils” — that’s not exactly what I meant. Essential oils can absolutely help alleviate the symptoms of eczema and I don’t think “trying to sell you” something is the only reason people tell you to use oils. I honestly don’t think many of them realize that food could be the REAL underlying cause of it. My point was — instead of treating symptoms (even with something natural), get to the root cause, which in many cases = food.

I also wish I had given a shout-out to my friend Alexis, who is the mom who ultimately introduced me to Whole30 and paleo. Here’s your shout-out now, lady! THANKS!!

Really, I just feel like there was so much more I wanted to share… more about my head and perspective and all the changes going on in there. And how much meditation has helped. BTW if you’re not meditating yet, stop reading this RIGHT NOW, get comfortable, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing for 3 minutes– and don’t come back until you’re done.

Done? Ok, now that we’re past that…

And how much being in the AltShift Facebook group has helped encourage me (even little tricks like getting to nearly 10k steps before I leave the office daily!). And how my mom is listening to ALL the AltShift podcasts and doing real work on her head AND doing the diet, too (after a year of paleo). Maybe I’ll have another chance and he’ll ask me to be on another episode (my next goal). P.S. I have another goal: if Jason and Sheryl release another AltShift cookbook, I want to be the food photographer. 

Overall, I’m excited to share my podcast debut with you all (is anyone still reading this? If the reason is “no” because you’re all still meditating, then my work here is done. Otherwise, if you are still here let me know and I’ll mail you a shiny star sticker as a “thanks for letting Lissa ramble”)

… drum roll, please…

HERE IT IS! Or open the “Podcasts” app on your iPhone and search for the AltShift podcast. My interview is episode #33.


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