Note: eating well above 2200 calories most days and ZERO sustained cardio.

it’s a mad, mad world

An article in the New York Times has been shared all over my facebook feed in the last 24 hours — and then this morning Good Morning America did an (AWFUL) segment about it where they said when diet and exercise don’t work (or stop working), turn to FDA-approved drugs and bariatric surgery (WTF?!).

What this article fails to mention is adaptation and our body regulating to what we are telling it. If we’re telling our bodies that there isn’t enough food to eat (by cutting calories) and there are daily emergencies (long periods of huffing and puffing often referred to as “cardio”), our bodies will respond and our metabolisms will adjust to that seemingly stress-filled life by continuously slowing down further and further… making it harder and harder the next time we want to lose weight.

The old “eat less, move more” saying is not only wrong, but it’s damaging and has lasting impacts (something this article DOES say, for example, one contestant “Now burns 800 fewer calories a day than would be expected for a man his size.” Yikes.)

Feed and nourish your body (NOT processed foods). Strengthen your muscles a few times a week, and walk a ton every day. Decrease your stress levels. Prioritize sleep. Meditate. Love yourself as you are right now. Focus on “health” instead of “losing weight”, and your body will adapt and become healthier.

Your metabolism will thank you.

Also – because every post needs a picture, here’s one I haven’t shared on here yet, with a caption stolen from my Instagram post:

Note: eating well above 2200 calories most days and ZERO sustained cardio.

Note: eating well above 2200 calories most days and ZERO sustained cardio. Damaging my metabolism and slowing it down? No way — quite the opposite. #health

SIXTEEN inches. My belly button measurement ALONE is 16 inches less than it was a year ago. And *NINE* of those inches have fallen-off since starting the AltShift protocol on January 31. How crazy is that??!! 9 inches from my waistline in less than 3 months?! But the craziest part is I didn’t total that up until today, even though I recorded measurements earlier this week. I got one of those “Whoa, Lissa! How much weight have you lost?!” questions today and realized I hadn’t compared the numbers. I was just excited to be comfortably wearing my “skinny” jeans from 6 years ago 🙌 So tonight I went back and looked — and holy crap. Still can’t believe 9 inches off my belly alone in that short of time! Fat is falling off everywhere, but most significantly where it matters the most 😉 right around my midsection!
THANK YOU AltShift!! So grateful to be on a journey toward HEALTH!

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