AltShift Success Story

200 days of AltShift

200 days ago I started AltShifting.

200 days ago I needed naps after work. Now I come home full of energy. My dogs appreciate this.

200 days ago I would feel guilty if I didn’t run 4 miles a day. Now I don’t run at all, but I lift weights a couple times a week and walk (a lot). My dogs also appreciate this.

200 days ago I was wearing size 14 pants. I now have size 8’s that are too big. I’ve also taken my sister’s lead and shop at thrift stores so I can keep up with my shrinking size.

200 days ago I would look forward to cold months because I could hide under a hoodie. For the first time ever, I’m looking forward to NOT hiding in the winter.

200 days ago I thought the only way I’d ever be comfortable in my own body was to decrease the calories I consumed AND burn more calories (with a ton of Jillian Michaels videos and running). It made me incredibly anxious and stressed to never feel like I was doing enough; that I’d have to do this the rest of my life. It was overwhelming believing I would need to deprive myself in order to BOTH lose weight AND maintain those losses. I no longer have ANY of that stress or worry. This is so easy I can do it forever.

200 days ago the words “deserve” and “need” (in regards to food) were a part of my mindset. Today, I don’t see food as a reward or something I’ve earned. I eat yummy, healthy, super delicious food and never feel deprived.

200 days ago if I got off course or over-indulged in “off plan” foods, I’d wait until the next Monday (or month) to start over again. Now, my next bite becomes my next chance to get back on track. But that’s assuming I get off track, which honestly rarely happens.

200 days ago, when I took the before pics on the left, I locked my bedroom door because I didn’t even want my husband to see how I looked. I NEVER EVER EVER thought I’d even share these photos with friends, and definitely never publicly share them. Now I walk around my house naked (sorry, neighbors).

Looking forward to seeing what the next 200 days brings me!

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