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Lissa Smith and Laura Young are sisters on a mission to share the life-changing benefits of essential oils & reinvent healthcare.

About Lissa:
By day, I’m a salesforce.com geek: writing code and improving business processes for a large company. I’ve been married to my husband Joey for going on 10 years, and we have two kids: a 5-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son.

When I started this journey towards wellness, it was really me just trying to remove unnecessary chemicals and drugs from our home. And with essential oils, we were able to do that.

At that same time, I was eating what everyone says IS healthy whole grains, “sugar free” (note: still lots of artificial sweeteners), lean protein, low fat dairy… basically the Subway diet with oatmeal, granola bars, and a Coke Zero. I was attempting for the umteenth time the “couch-to-5k” program (and failing again) and beating myself up for not being motivated enough to finish (let’s be honest: start) a Jillian Michaels workout. I thought I was doing everything right, but I continued to gain weight, my skin looked like crap, and I felt sluggish and moody.

Thankfully, a friend introduced me to Whole30 and halfway through reading the book, I had all these lightbulb moments and realized that in order to truly get healthy, I needed to forget all the BS conventional wisdom and try this out. That’s when my health really started to change and improve. I no longer needed essential oils all the time to bandaid the symptoms I was feeling due to the crappy food I was eating.

Whole30 was awesome for me, but it was also a “challenge”, and being a relatively competitive person (especially with myself), I did well with that… until the challenge ended. After my first Whole30, I ate relatively clean paleo for about 9 months, until I started feeling bloated and gross again, and then did my second Whole30 with the official group in January ’16.  But that whole time I was counting down until the end of the challenge again.

Nothing addressed the psychological aspects. I didn’t feel like this was sustainable. I was always waiting for it to end. Physically I felt GREAT, but mentally I felt deprived.

And then I found AltShift, and Jason Seib, and FINALLY got on the road to true health. His book, podcasts, periscopes, blog, and webinars have (not exaggerating) changed my life. My whole outlook and perspective has improved right along with my body.

Since the FDA won’t allow us to blog about essential oils, I’ve changed gears and write about this other journey. I still use essential oils instead of drugstore medicines. They’re still amazing. Just can’t write about them anymore.

Hopefully they don’t shut me down for bashing their stupid food pyramid next…

AltShift Diet Review

About Laura:
I’m a Purdue University graduate who spent 5 years teaching Family & Consumer Sciences (think Home Economics with Nutrition & Wellness mixed in) to Middle and High School students in Indianapolis. Since then, I’ve changed gears and am now working with Lissa doing salesforce.com work. Maybe we should change our name to “The Salesforce Sisters” instead of “The Wellness Sisters”. Ha!

I love to travel with my husband, Michael, and together we have so much fun exploring and discovering foreign lands, their cultures, and their foods. Our favorite trip so far has been exploring the island of Isla de Mujeres off the coast of Cancun, where we befriended the owners of an amazing tiny hotel and we constantly talk about going back. In Aruba, we had a blast taking an excursion to a private island where we were surrounded by flamingos and unbelievable exotic landscapes. The swim-at-your-own-risk beach in Cabo, with its 15+ foot high waves are etched in our memories.

I also love to exercise and to encourage others to burn calories with me. I’m a fitness-DVD junkie, and Jillian Michaels is my boss.
(The above, written in July, 2014, is no longer true! I’m now an AltShifter! Proof photo below!)

I’m a big fan of hip hop, and even dabbled in writing and performing myself, back in my teaching days.

I’m thinking about writing a follow-up: “I’ve got 99 oils, but canola ain’t one”.

The Wellness Sisters - Family Picture The Wellness Sisters

Throwback Wellness Sister pics:

The Wellness Sisters - doterra Indianapolis, IN The Wellness Sisters - doterra Indianapolis, IN